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Straight up it's like this: You have advertisements running on your computer or that come to you by e-mail. The advertisers pay you to watch these advertisements. Plus you make money when anyone you refer to join the programs views the advertisements. These programs are ranked according to ease of use, error free usage and tech support, what they pay for usage, what they pay for referrals, and how little the effort they require. Simply click on each program's link and fill out the sign-up form.

If you try a program and decide you don't like it, simply stop using the program. These are not MLMs: All of the programs are free to join and free to quit..

TIPS: If you have a web page sign up for all of the programs and use your web page to get referrals (compiling opt-in e-mail lists is another good referral strategy). I often run more than 8 of the banner programs at a time on my 15 inch monitor at 1280X1024 over a 56k line without many problems. The e-mail programs are much easier to use, but may not send as many advertisements to you as the banners send to you. Don't focus too much on getting referrals for just one program; try to get your referrals to sign up for 2 or 3 different programs. Use consistently those banner programs that are delivering the best payments now. We must all use the programs and work together as partners in a company, because that is essentially what we are. Please don't employ hacks, cracks, cheats, codes, or any other criminal means to rob fellow users.


E-MailPaysU pays you $0.02 per e-mail they send you and $0.01 for each e-mail they send to your 2 levels of referral. E-MailPaysU will give you $10 just to sign up. My ID is iamdt

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CashMoneyEmail pays you 2 cents per e-mail they send to you and 1 cent per e-mail they send to your referrals. CashMoneyEmail also gives you a $10 bonus for joining the program. CashMoneyEmail pays internationally. My CashMoneyEmail ID is iamdt

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CashFiesta pays you a percentage of revenue for the hours you run their ad banner and how many offers you've signed up for, provided you occassionally move your mouse over the FiestaBar and click on the little man running around. CashFiesta has no time limit. The FiestaBar displays real-time point totals. Here is a Cashfiesta check I received. CashFiesta pays internationally. My ID is iamdt

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